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What's In Your Wallet?

foot tapping scaleWhy do I hate commercials and still love Jennifer Garner asking me what’s in my wallet?  Please don’t think Jennifer asks me about my wallet in person.  For some reason her TV commercial line sticks with me.

Do you have the same thing in your wallet I have in mine; pictures of the kids?  I am embarrassed to say the pictures are decades old.  I have my daughter’s baby picture and she’s now 31.  Why do we carry around family pictures?  We act as if we are going to forget what they look like.

The most important picture you carry around is the internal picture you have of what you look like.  If that picture is one of you being overweight, you are not going to lose weight and keep it off.  Besides we are programmed to find what we lose and that includes weight.  Without a new picture of a healthy, energetic, fit looking you stored inside, you will not make lasting change.

Be aware that health is not something you chase.  The constant dieter can be just like the constant exercise person.

The why behind what you do is so important.

If your internal picture is of a healthy, energetic you, chances are you will get there. Accidents and injuries happen.  Parties in which you over eat happen.  Stay connected to your best self, always.