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Chiropractic Care & Therapeutic Services

The primary thing that makes each person unique is their nervous system—it controls every organ, cell and tissue in the body, and it’s how we express our personality and individuality. God designed our bodies to be self-healing and self-regulating, and we are all born with that innate ability.

Unfortunately, interference in the nervous system gets in the way of that ability and results in pain, dysfunction and disease. Injuries, stress (physical, environmental or emotional/mental) and traumas can cause interference to your nervous system.

At Mager Chiropractic Center, we locate these areas of interference and help correct them through gentle chiropractic adjustments and other therapeutic services.

Why People Seek Our Care

People initially seek our care when they’re experiencing pain, but when we talk with them, we discover a range of other symptoms that they’ve been ignoring or have just learned to live with. They are often tired all the time, sleep poorly, have digestive issues, and their body is always tight and tender.

As humans, we tend to notice pain—and if we’re not in pain, we think we’re healthy. But the truth is, only 10% of your nervous system deals with pain. The other 90% deals with function. Those issues like poor sleep and digestive problems are signs that your nervous system isn’t functioning as it should.

When we locate the problems and correct them, patients often experience improvement in all areas of their health and function, and their quality of life may be dramatically better.

adjusting a patients back

Our Techniques and Services

Dr. Mager specializes in Torque Release Technique™ (TRT™), which is a tonal technique. He checks your nervous system using Applied Kinesiology (AK), and then uses an Integrator, an instrument that sends an impulse into the nerve, stimulating it to relax.

We offer various other techniques and therapeutic services to help you achieve your health goals. Some of these include

  • BrainTap: helps to balance and relax the brain
  • Red light laser therapy: improves oxygenation and may facilitate healing
  • Cox Flexion Distraction: helps with disc issues in the lower back
  • Diversified: traditional, hands-on chiropractic adjusting technique
  • Holistic Methylation: DNA testing to determine any genetic factors in your condition
  • Nutritional counseling: uses Applied Kinesiology (AK) to help you make nutritional choices that support your individual needs
  • Pierce-Stillwagon Technique: biomechanical analysis of the spine
  • Trigger point therapy: helps relieve “knots” in the muscles
  • VibraSonic: sends soundwaves through the body to decrease cortisol, increase circulation, and help train the body not to fall

We also offer supplements from various reputable vendors, including Nutri-West® and DaVinci® Laboratories. Dr. Mager will use AK to determine if a particular product is beneficial for you.

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