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Sports & Active Chiropractic in Mt. Lebanon

couple running in parkDr. Mager at Mager Chiropractic Center has forty years’ experience helping athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle function at their best. He’s provided care for many Pittsburgh Steelers players over the years, as well as several professional dancers with the Pittsburgh Ballet.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from our care! And if you’re not currently active, but want to be, our care may be what you need to help you overcome that hurdle.

Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Kids these days are active in multiple sports, and the stress of continual training takes a toll on their bodies. Receiving chiropractic care regularly can help relieve tension in the body and nervous system, which allows kids to function and perform at a higher level. When the body is balanced, it’s less likely to be injured. And if an injury occurs, chiropractic care is often effective in speeding healing.

Adults, whether weekend warriors who overdo it on a hike or serious sports participants, can benefit from care for the same reasons: performing their best, and helping the body stay healthy or heal faster.

Even busy parents who have no time for sports themselves because they’re chauffeuring their kids to all their sporting events can benefit from our gentle, tonal approach to care. All the stress of that go-go-go lifestyle can build up in your nervous system. By “unwinding” the nervous system, we can help your body function optimally—allowing you to sleep better, digest better and move with greater ease.

swimmer in pool

Optimizing the Nervous System

The goal of our care is to remove interference so that your nervous system can function at its optimum level. This can manifest in unexpected ways. For example, we have a teenage patient who is a competitive swimmer.

She came to us to take care of some pain she was having, and we were able to help with that. Her mom called to let us know that after being adjusted, she could also swim straight down her lane without weaving from side to side. When your nervous system is functioning as it should, your whole body can work with greater ease.

Our Approach

Dr. Mager believes touch never lies, and he uses hands-on techniques to assess the condition of your body and nervous system. Based on thorough diagnostics, including evaluations of your posture, breathing patterns, balance and center of gravity, and Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing of your muscles and nerves, Dr. Mager will design a care plan specifically to meet your needs and goals.

With training in physical therapy, Dr. Mager will also help with specific exercises and stretches you can do on your own to keep your body working at its best.

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