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Numerous chiropractic techniques are utilized in this office to improve your nervous system’s communication with the joints, muscles and organs as well as other systems of the body including the immune system.

Techniques include:

Torque Release: Technique developed by Dr. Jay Holder through research done at the University of Miami Medical School. This technique requires using a hand held tool that stimulates the nervous system in certain areas to relieve pain, improve mobility as well as create a general feeling of well being. Torque release technique allows you to get great results without being popped, cracked or roughed up.  It is a safe, gentle, effective way of improving your health future.  

Nimmo or Accupressure: This technique, often known as Trigger Point Therapy, is an effective procedure for helping overcome muscle injuries that can be the source of recent as well as chronic pain.

Cox Flexion Distraction: This form of treatment is effective in improving lower back mobility as well as overcoming lumbar disc herniations (slipped discs). It is also helpful in overcoming the affects of lumbar spinal stenosis.

PST (Pierce Stillwagon Technique): A technique developed here in Western PA. It is a safe gentle procedure that improves spinal and pelvis mobility which in turn positively affects the nervous system.

Diversified: This is a traditional chiropractic technique in which a low level popping sound is typically heard as a gentle force is applied to the spine or pelvis. It is very effective in improving ease of movement and nerve flow.


Exercise: Proper posture, balance, strength and endurance are essential to your recovery and maintenance of health. Exercise instruction in the four above mentioned areas is a part of your care in this office if findings indicate you need help through proper exercise.

Orthotics: Custom fitted orthotics can be a necessary part of your recovery and reduce or eliminate needless foot, knee and/or low back pain. The Foot Levelers line of products has given our patients excellent results in custom orthotic support through the years.

Nutrition: Now that we as a nation realize diet is a causative factor in the majority of diseases once thought to be genetic, proper nutrition is essential in you improving your health. We carry an exceptional line (Standard Process and Greens First) of supplements that are high quality and yet still reasonably priced.

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About Our Center

Dr. James J. MagerFounded in 1985 by Dr. James J. Mager our center provides complete Chiropractic care to the young and old, amateur and professional athletes and anyone who has discomfort or pain that won’t seem to go away. Health and wellness can be a reality for you.   Read more

Our Patients Say It Best

I originally came to see Dr. Mager when I was 4 years old. I used to get bad ear infections and the repeated antibiotics prescribed by my doctor nearly ruined my intestinal tract. I got very ill and couldn't keep food down. I was hospitalized and almost died. My mom started researching an alternative route for treating my ear infections and read how chiropractic could help. She took me to see Dr. Mager and I have been a patient ever since. I am now 23 and know without a shadow of a doubt that chiropractic has worked for me. I am healthy, tall and strong. After beginning chiropractic care as a child, my ear infections reduced dramatically. All of my intestinal side effects from the antibiotics eventually ceased. Amazingly, I have never taken another antibiotic.

Gregor S.
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