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What If

man and woman looking at paperworkWhat if your parents did your homework for you when you were a kid… and you got straight A’s?

What if your parents put together a science project for you for all to see… and you won the prize?

What if you instantly believed your parents when they told you there was a no boogie man under your bed?

Perhaps none of these are as earth shattering as “what if you had bought Apple stock when the company first went public?”

Still, what if…

What if every time you went to the gym you paid a trainer to work out for you?

What if every time you got sick you asked the doctor for antibiotics so your immune system didn’t have to do the work?

Or, what if you believed in you and you did the work?

What if you exercised regularly and your trainer was in awe of your self-discipline?

What if you loved yourself so much (“love your neighbor as yourself“) you put the work in to allow your best to shine through?  What if you realized you are worth it?

What if you realized your body is a miracle producing machine, built to survive – and under your directions – built to thrive?  Hmm… what if.