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What Are You Learning?

reading book on the beachWhat were you up to at the age of 12 heading into 13?  I feel I experienced the trifecta at that time in my life.  I discovered chiropractic through being introduced to my best friend’s father, Dr. Conrad Matz.  I discovered the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (CSNY).  Lastly, I discovered girls, particularly Jackie.

I set out to learn more about chiropractic, the music of CSNY and girls.  With chiropractic I immediately started reading books to help me learn anything about this mysterious profession.  All I knew about health was you go the MD when really, really sick.  Chiropractic was all about the nervous system allows you to be unique and healthy.  Interfere with it through the 3 T’s; trauma, stressful thoughts and toxic diet and environment, and your health and life would be less awesome.

Learning chiropractic was all about reading and study, read and study. Enjoying CSNY was about listening and reading about the musicians themselves. Learning about girls/women, still “clueless” according to my girlfriend.

I followed my dream path to becoming a chiropractor and set out to fulfill the dream of meeting CSNY.  There was a big problem with meeting CSNY. It goes back to that 3 T’s model of health.  David Crosby was living a very toxic life due to drug abuse.  A dentist who met him along with a few tour staffers recommended keeping away from his frequently surly and toxic attitude. How can you turn your back on a music hero from my teens and throughout my adult years?  As fate would have it, Crosby gave up his drug addled lifestyle.  A less toxic lifestyle led to a less toxic personality.  He was actually one of the most gracious people I have ever met and treated my young son with the consideration he would give his own son of similar age.

In October of 2016 I was injured in an accident.  This falls under the “trauma” portion of the 3 T’s.  Did the trauma and persistent pain interfere with my quality of life and affect my personality?  “No way” according to me. Ask those in my life and they would tell a different story. Surly, impatient, low energy, less flexible in my thinking and not kind at times.  Sorry!

I learned health truly is your greatest wealth and you must do all you can to treat the people in your life with the love and gratitude they deserve.  Always keep your compass pointing to true north.  Patiently expect the best.  “God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denials.”