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The Will

man catching a waveJFK was reportedly fascinated with America’s ability to put a man on the moon.  He consulted with Vernher von Braun, a top aerospace scientist about what it would take to accomplish this fete.  Von Braun replied, “Simply the will to want to do it.”

This is also the first requirement to getting healthier.  Wanting to be healthier requires the will to reach your objective.  Your will to get better must be so strong that nothing including the pain, the lousy prognosis and diagnosis, the doubters, and all other obstacles can interfere with your dedication to yourself.

It seems like such a simple thing to have the will to be healthier.  It isn’t as easy as you think.  Certain people have given in to the worst downs of life.  It doesn’t take a lot of will to sit and watch TV hour after hour. 

The second commandment of being your best you, healthier and happier, is focusing on what you want.  Yes, what do you truly want?