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The Secret Ingredient

parents and kids preparing a mealA young family man recently asked me to recommend a good book to help him with the challenges of being a better husband, father and career man.  What’s the one book you would recommend?  What book moved your mind, heart and soul when you first read it?

Many would say, “That’s easy. Recommend “the good book, the Bible.”  This young man gave me one stipulation though, “no spiritual stuff.” That quickly eliminated the bible.

If I go back 30 years and pull a positive thinking book off my shelf, my favorite was “See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar.  Zig, a master motivator, lived from the mantra, “Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.”

Seeking advice from a patient, Larry, who loves to read inspirational books, we both agreed you can’t leave spirit out of the growth equation.  Perhaps “Autobiography of a Yogi”, supposedly the only book Steve Jobs had on his iPad fills the bill.  It shows how limited we view our body when we neglect to include our spirit.

So many want just the right exercise, supplement, surgery or medicine to make them whole.  There are plenty of accomplices in your life promoting the one “scientific” remedy for you.

Please think back, not to the one book, but to the special cookies, spaghetti, pie or whatever grandma or mom or dad made for you. What was the special ingredient?  It was the love or spirit they put into being of service to you. It was a natural extension of who they are.

I applaud this young man for wanting to improve himself so he can be better for others, and himself.

Peace and prosperity start in your body, reflected from your heart and mind. Turn it on and up!