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The Jacuzzi Experience

mom with baby in waiting roomA long-time patient and beloved retired green grocer would good-naturedly tease me during his visits to the office. “Oh no, he’s learned something new. Must have gone to another weekend seminar.” Anything done to this patient that appeared different from the perceived routine brought this same response.

Weekend seminars that promoted the spirit of increased enthusiasm and excitement are a great way to reinforce your passion for doing what you do. Many industries call them “sales meetings” which reinforce how to sell more effectively to your clients. Though our seminars weren’t “sales meetings” they were still full of information reinforcing the value of what we were doing for our patients.

Some clever person came up with the description “jacuzzi experience” to describe the weekend seminar where you go home full of enthusiasm and on fire to care for patients. This “jacuzzi experience” even applied to the office visit which was just about getting the patient feeling good, distinguished from being healthier.

I have come to the conclusion there’s not a lot of difference between a feeling better all over experience compared to a getting healthier experience. As long as the weekend feel-good seminar doesn’t teach the unethical and the routine office visit helps you feel good without causing harm is that so bad?

When you feel better, starting with feeling better about yourself, you naturally elevate your thinking and even the quality of your relationships.

Touching someone is the surest way to assess how they are doing. Overwrought with tension, it shows in your behavior, your body and your health.

No apologies are needed for seeking healthy feel-good experiences.