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The Devil Made Me Do It

rock climber on orange wallNetflix has a series entitled “Lucifer” about the devil taking up residence in the city of lost angels, Los Angeles.  The main character, Lucifer, is quite aware of his devilish behaviors but wants to right himself by becoming more loving, connected and less selfish. The writers keep the devilish Lucifer character consistent in showing how difficult it is to leave behind being a devil.  In this series, drama unfolds when Lucifer becomes smitten with a pretty detective and ends up helping her solve murder cases.

A unique characteristic Lucifer has is he will always tell the truth, even if it hurts another person. He also has the ability to get anybody to respond to the question “What do you truly desire?”  It appears no one, except his female detective partner, can resist answering the question when Lucifer looks you in the eyes.

So, “What do you truly desire?”  I have found patients know what they truly desire with their health. Whether it be weight loss, more energy, better sleep, less pain, we intuitively know what we desire.  Most people also know what they need to do to make their “desire” happen.

Why do we resist?  The challenge is to persistently and consistently focus on your “desires”.

See yourself as worth having your “desire.”  Keep your desire at the top of your value list.  If for example, you value weight loss, realize the steroids just prescribed to you for pain have the potential to interfere with the weight loss.

Come from your highest value. This will lead to you rising up to your best self.