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toasting marshmallow with momMy mother worked at being the perfect mom; home-cooked meals, strict disciplinarian, clean clothes and house.  Most likely, like your mom, lots of love, and guidance too.

One day cleaning the windows, she must have gotten distracted, leaving a screenless window open too long.  There didn’t appear, however, to be any consequences to leaving the window open and unwatched for a little too long.

While sleeping at night, this 9-year-old felt something landing on my covers.  It was too dark to see anything but I felt it.  I pulled the covers over my head and wished it would stop landing on me.  Whatever it was, it was very real, even if invisible to my terrified mind.

The next day I warned my mother about my mystery experience while trying to sleep. She dismissed my story as childhood imagination or perhaps a bad dream.  Later that day a bat came out of its hiding place, scaring my mother near to death.  She had the presence of mind to open a window and shoo that bat out the window.

Now we all walk around acting as if someone left the window open and an invisible bat is about to get us.  This invisible menace is Covid.  We wear our gloves and masks and be sure not to touch each other in case this invisible presence will reach out and harm us.

Just as the bat landing on me while trying to sleep lead to overwhelming fear, to afraid to even scream, I see the fear associated with Covid as our biggest enemy.

Some say “Look at all the deaths.”  They, whoever they are, predicted 2.2 million deaths in America, “They” were wrong.  The truth is we just don’t know and anyone who tells you “they” know is lying. This includes the health czars, nationally and in Pennsylvania, who will remain nameless.

What we do know is it has never been a better time to truly work on being healthy. What does that mean?

It means take charge of you.  Reduce your sugar intake, increase your exercise even if simply going for a walk (movement is power) and learn to relax the mind.  These are things we do know and we know they do work. Use the healthy values moms and grandmas teach. They were packed with superpowers and so are you!