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Stop the Madness - Part 2

excited lady working outA woman had the knowledge needed to prescribe all-natural supplements to heal a host of illnesses.  She loved her natural supplements and despised the pharmaceuticals medical doctors are so quick to prescribe.  There was only one huge problem in her wholistic health plan:  she smoked cigarettes like a chimney.

You can’t be a little pregnant.  You either are or aren’t a faithful spouse.  There is no in between.  Do we tolerate the minister who gets caught with a prostitute?  You can’t say “I use heroin, but only occasionally, while feeling justified.”  The rules are universal, and there is enough knowledge and wisdom to figure out how to be healthy.  Nature doesn’t require perfection; however, exceptions to the rules are not tolerated well.

A friend’s wife was into fitness and trained almost obsessively to have her body “looking” in perfect shape.  “Looking” is the key word because the focus was on her outside appearance.  On the inside, her body was constantly adapting to the diet soda she drank, which is one of many toxic drinks people consume regularly.

The worst lie you can tell is the one you tell to yourself. You know the truth. Honor it in yourself.