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"Pro or Con"

“Pro or Con”   

The unity of freedom has never relied on the uniformity of opinion.” JFK

This article is not meant to be a pro or con Covid 19 shot.

It is just a view of 3 characters.


     Three people are worth taking a look at when discussing the Covid 19 shot.

     Let’s start with the beloved patriot, Ben Franklin.  He was perhaps the first anti-vaxxer. Publishing a newspaper in Boston, the paper promoted the idea that God was in charge and there was no need for the small pox vaccine. This vaccine consisted of injecting a small amount of small pox into the body of adults and children. When 1000 residents out of a population of 10,000 Bostonians quickly died from small pox, Franklin changed his mind about the need for vaccines. Franklin’s young son died from small pox shortly before he was scheduled to get his shot. We must keep in mind that Boston in the 1700’s lacked refrigeration, public sewer and public water. I have often said those things, so taken for granted today, did more to improve our health standards than anything else.  You could argue a plumber had more to do with improving your standard of health and living than any doctor.

     Franklin’s experience reinforced the benefits of vaccines. Vaccines today are not the vaccines of the 1700’s. They are much more complicated in their make-up and most so called anti-vaxxers are not anti-vaccine as much as they are against how vaccines are manufactured. Using chemicals called adjuvants to increase the vaccine response at a lower cost has raised the ire of many.

     Our next prominent newsmaker and “anti-vaxxer” is Robert Kennedy, Jr. He is the most outspoken prominent person concerned about the side effects of vaccines, particularly their impact on children. For this article I am more concerned with how he became such an advocate for children’s health and well-being. Having an aunt who was intellectually disabled, care for less healthy children was reinforced particularly through his Aunt Eunice Shriver. Her claim to fame was creating Special Olympics. Robert was raised to work with and continuously lift up the less fortunate children of our society. Out of these experiences came a passionate need to protect the health of all children.

     Lastly, we have Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Cole Beasley. He created quite a stir on Twitter when he shared his refusal to get the Covid shot. Comments such as “I may die of Covid, but I’d rather die actually living.” And “I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken.”  For those who “follow the science” his most profound statement was “I’d rather take my chance with Covid and build up my immunity that way.” Did he attempt to say health comes from within? That is a very unpopular view of life. Prepare for sarcasm! God lives in my church. Love is found in a Hallmark movie. Health is found in the doctor’s office.

    To vaccinate or not is your choice. I wasn’t there to stone St. Stephen for his belief in Christ and I won’t throw stones at you, whatever you choose.