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Patience, Patience, Patience

driver feeling upsetIn a world that honors doing anything faster, from a McDonalds lunch to the Quick Lube oil change, speed is king. In sports the saying is “can’t teach speed” and every athlete wants it. So, I am asking you to slow down and consider “patience is still a virtue.”

Look at the benefits patience has brought you throughout your life.  What if every person on a first date said “I will give her/him the evening to figure out I am the one or I am moving on”? There is such a thing as “Love at first sight” but it is rare and mostly seen in TV dramas and Hallmark movies. Patience in developing relationships typically develops the strongest relationships.

Twice in my chiropractic career I’ve had patients come in on the advice of a neurosurgeon. The surgeon recommended “trying” chiropractic care for a week, “If unsuccessful, return for surgery.” I’ve prevented countless spinal surgeries, just not in a week.

Years ago, I observed that the patient person heals twice as fast. Perhaps “twice” is a slight exaggeration, but the patient person does heal quicker. When you fill your mind with positive expectations, in this case recovering from a health condition, you put your body at ease so you can more effectively recover. Quietly, patiently, searching for solutions has the potential to bring about the best solutions.

Lastly, we mustn’t confuse patience with inactivity or refusal to address a problem.

Take on your challenges, health or otherwise, knowing you have the potential within you to find solutions.