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Miracle Worker

couple kayaking yellow oars“You are a miracle worker” the patient excitedly shared as I entered the room.  Since he has a long, dedicated career as a priest who is quite aware of the original miracle worker, I was briefly flattered.   As he shared his ability to be more active, particularly being able to stand without pain, I was grateful he was back to living his fuller life.

Please be aware:  You are the miracle!  Everything about you screams “I am a miracle.”  Look at how your body readily recovers from a scratch or cut.  A seasonal cold can have you down and weeks later you have forgotten you were ever sick. No super computer compares to you.

We must constantly be aware of the innate power of our body to repair and heal. Like mining for gold, it may be just beneath the surface. With chiropractic care we remove interference to your fuller expression of health.  A more relaxed, energetic nervous system is a healthier nervous system, and, therefore, a healthier you.

We are so often the cause of our challenges.  Relax and continue to discover your best you!