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Make America Great Again

military familyIf you were expecting a political rant on the virtues and benefits of Trump as our president, think again. “Make America Great Again” is a catchy slogan but my question is “how do we make America great again?”

Since America is made up of individuals, what if we started with individuals, as in you.  What if we, as in each individual, committed to being healthier.  I realize someone else being responsible for your health is much easier, especially since you are already busy enough, but it will pay off for you.

Here is our current American way of thinking as it relates to health: When you were a child, if you got sick you were given medicine, either from the medical doctor or the medicine chest. Makes sense doesn’t it? You were sick so you took medicine. Then you grew up to be an adult and now most adults take medicines to stay healthy. Sick kid takes medicine. Healthy adult takes medicine. What’s wrong with this way of thinking? Years ago, a patient who was on 10 different medicines put her health status at a glowing, robust, healthy 10. Hmm…

Recently the local news featured a woman appearing to be in her 30’s, warning of the dangers of Covid 19. She stated, “I am a healthy person with no underlying health conditions and I got coronavirus. Now I need to learn how to walk again.” As legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey would say, “What’s the rest of the story?” The woman with “no underlying health conditions” appeared to be 60-80 pounds overweight. Her skin tone was a pasty white, indicating she was vitamin D deficient, therefore, leaving her immune system naturally vulnerable. Unfortunately, this woman was on the news exclaiming “see, my health has nothing to do with me.” IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

This is the root of the problem. As a man said to me years ago,”I don’t have to be smart about my health. I just have to have a smart doctor.”  his was truly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Make some hard choices for a change about your health. Given the opportunity to win a million dollars if you had to tell someone how you could personally improve your health, you would most likely win the money. 

You already know what needs done by you. Step through your terror barrier and get it done. We are here to help you.