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Loose Change

woman jogging in woodsWhat is it about the word “change” that has such a negative connection?  Carrying extra coin or change in my pocket takes me back to the days of going to the laundromat.  Don’t want to go down that memory lane.  How many people don’t mind carrying loose change?

Coin or change can’t compare to the negative connotation that goes with the need to change.  Ever been confronted by your relationship partner with “you need to change”?

Proper self esteem requires that we appreciate who we are and the work we have put into becoming the superstar that stares back at you in the mirror.  All growth, however, requires some dissatisfaction with your station in life.  In other words, “you need to change”.  This change can prevent a loss or provide a gain.  Consistent life victories occur when you change to provide some type of gain in your life, especially your health.

Recently, I was listening to a prominent and brilliant doctor, Robert Malone M.D., talk about overcoming disease.  He stated “In the history of mankind overcoming disease has required some form of behavior modification”.  Right there is why he is so much smarter than I.  He calls change “Behavior Modification”.

I get it, you are incredible. Still, you do need to change for the better.  We all do.  One purpose of your chiropractic care is always to get your body (and mind) more relaxed, moving better and hopefully focused on how your body universally works from above, down, inside out.

If you find change is too difficult, try “behavior modification” instead.  People will be impressed with how smart you are.