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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

older couple joggingA good friend recently turned 66. Twice divorced, he continues to look for “the one.” He firmly believes that “all of us are the same; looking for love and to be appreciated.”  What about you?  My spin on this is everyone needs to experience self-love and appreciation.

Without something you don’t own, it’s difficult to share with someone else.

Since this is a health blog, I must get to the point.  A healthy you is the conduit to love and appreciation. Since I can be a slow learner, I have come to the conclusion, after serving thousands of patients, that brain health is the key to a healthy present and future.  Secondly your nervous system (autonomic or Automatic Nervous system) has to learn to relax, starting with the heart and onto the rest of the body.  Lastly protecting your spine by having good posture goes a long way in helping you age properly.

So, there it is.  Self-love is about protecting your brain. Red Light therapy is a beautiful solution for many to overcome head trauma. Secondly, protect your heart by learning to live with ease, the opposite of disease. Lastly, sit up, stand up. From there, share your love!