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Little Beliefs, Big Trouble

woman at home hand on headWhenever one of my 7-year-old twin granddaughters loses a tooth, I like to check in on the going rate of return from the tooth fairy.  Little kids have what I refer to as big belief in things such as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  They believe and they expect a return on their belief.

Adults grow into their adult beliefs or paradigms through years of training from their superiors as well as personal experience.  We must always keep in mind our beliefs impact what we experience.  Two different belief systems can lead to two totally different experiences from the same event.

An adult acquaintance has two huge weapons in her “got to be healthy and fit” beliefs.  She was overdoing the alcohol for years and realizing it was becoming a problem, quit cold turkey.  She also hits the gym 5 to 6 times per week with an admirably aggressive routine.

Those two strengths are offset unfortunately by two weaknesses. The zero tolerance for alcohol was replaced by a generous intake of Pepsi and Coke. The second vulnerability was every time she experienced a sniffle, she reached out to her doctor who complied with her request for antibiotics.  Her belief is get rid of the infection before it grows.  This collection of behaviors has her going to the gym to get her body strong and fit while turning to her MD to get her immune system fit and healthy. The sugar from the Pepsi or Coke was also making the immune system overwork.

A weakened immune system will have a difficult time fighting off an infection no matter how many weights you can lift.

Where is this woman today? Struggling to overcome pneumonia and Coronavirus. Is this a coincidence or perhaps bad luck?  As a professional golfer once said, “Your beliefs create your luck.” Well said.