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Let Go

looking down smiling“Anger is way up out there. Have you noticed how angry people are with this Coronavirus?”  a patient commented to me one morning.  Actually, I had not noticed an increase in anger. I tend to retreat into my cocoon in times of trouble and I’ve gotten good at it since March of 2020.

Some people show their stress by expressing anger, many express stress through fear. The other major reaction to stress is focus on how things look, be it personal appearance or home, including work space.

Stress relief through releasing anger is managed by letting go of the need to be in charge. It’s challenging for a leader to let go of being in charge when such a crazy variable like Covid is going on.

Fear is relieved by accessing positive information be it from books, people or even TV.  Turn off the news if you want to lift up your entire self.

Lastly focus on doing some type of appearance goal, be it on self, such as losing weight, or redoing your work space.  Recently I decided to send a note of appreciation and encouragement to a man who cut back on sweets over the holidays and lost 26 pounds. What awesome discipline during a time of year discipline goes out the window.  Since I generally keep a record of notes I send, I noticed I sent almost zero notes during the pandemic.  What happened to my encouragement and gratitude to others since Covid struck?  Regardless it’s worth getting back, for all of us.