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Learning to be Still

mature adult women in yoga classAs a fitness fanatic in her mid to late forties sped from gym equipment to equipment, she paused to confront me.  “Two yoga classes… I tried but I can’t do it. In one class, I think we were lying still for 10 minutes. How is that exercise?!” This woman looked great and her fitness regimen was obviously working. She’s not a pound overweight, has great muscle definition, and a ready smile that reflects a content person.

Is it really that easy to say her exercise program is “obviously” working? 

Just as a coin has two sides, our health approach requires two sides. One side is the keep moving and fit aspect this woman appears to have mastered. The other side of the coin is to learn to relax, be still, experience quiet, centering, or any other phrase you want to use. I attempted to encourage this woman into continuing yoga by sharing that even the Eagles had a song “Learn to be Still.” She wasn’t buying.

We must be careful of always finetuning our strengths. For some, work is their strength so that is all they focus on. Slowing down long enough to be still or reflective can give us the opportunity to relate to others and even ourselves for the moment.

Do yourself a favor: be still occasionally. Your body communicates with me whether you are relaxed or not from the inside out. Let your best flow from within. Just as a flower grows from the roots to the blossom, you shine from inside out. Be patient with the process. The result is worth the time.