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Laser Therapy

laser therapy on backIn late 2020, I reached out to a former patient for the latest and greatest in helping a person’s nervous system heal. This young man grew up in Mt. Lebanon and after approximately 10 years of college including post grad studies, has become a Chiropractic Neurologist. His first job was at the Life University Chiropractic Neuroscience Center. You have probably never heard of Life University, but a particular Pittsburgh Penguin did and was referred there to heal. The rest is history as the saying goes.

Currently, this young chiropractic neurologist is running a brain and spinal cord rehab center for a neurologist in Orlando. This bright, humble and articulate man shared with me his passion for using a cold laser to help patients. He immediately connected me with a company that provides the quality of cold laser I would want to help our patients. It is a supercomputer that looks like a flashlight.

Just as a flashlight has the potential to bring light to a darkened room, the cold laser brings light to your body where needed by releasing energy from your cells. Less energy equals poor health. More energy equals more health. How easy a concept is that? In particular we need more energy coming from your brain and traveling through your body. Using various techniques and simple tests, we can readily see what part of your brain might need stimulated with the cold laser.

If you might be thinking, “You aren’t messing with my brain.” Your brain is saying “you already have.” Those auto accidents, sports injuries, routine sports exercises like bouncing a ball (soccer) off your head, bicycle accidents, falls as a child, have left your brain slightly off. Just as a lamp flickers when the power or bulb isn’t quite right, our body is similar. The brain can show a pattern of energy interference through serious consequences such as tremors, dementia, Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, less pervasive changes occur whether through circulation, pain and even osteoarthritis.

We heal from proper energy flow from the brain down, head to toe. Please ask if you would like to experience cold laser. It just might be like a jump start to your body, almost like a car battery.