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Keep it Simple, Stupid (K.I.S.S.)

mother daughter cookingA master of communication can take the complicated and make it simple.  Your body and your health can appear to be so complex that it appears to make sense to just turn it over to a professional such as a medical doctor. Here’s a brain tease: Human DNA has a collection of 3 billion base letters, (G, C, A, T) in it.  The genetic material in Covid is 29,000 base letters. Compare 3 billion to 29,000 and you realize how tiny covid is, microscopic even seems to overstate its size.

What if we now simplify your existence down to the basics. You have a nervous system that makes you uniquely who you are. Take care of your nervous system and you take care of yourself.  How do you do that?

Your nervous system has 3 main engines; the brain, gut and heart. These three engines are sources of energy operating beyond the level of a supercomputer.

The brain in energized by directing your thoughts in a healthy, positive direction combined with limiting trauma to the head.  You can have a positive attitude, but have an injured brain, even mildly, from auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, and your brain won’t function properly.

The heart is energized by doing what you love and being with people you love. Seek opportunities to share your love.  It jump-starts your heart battery.

Lastly, we are what we eat.  Healthy, natural foods nourish the gut computer and, therefore, the entire body. “You are what you eat!” You know it!

All 3; brain, heart and gut feed off each other.  There are actually more nerves going from heart to brain than vice versa, a simple reason you come to life when filled with and sharing love.

A primary reason a person isn’t healthy is they have interference with the nervous system; gut, heart or brain.  If offered $1,000,000 if you could share what it takes to be healthy, you would instantly win the money. Finding yourself worthy of being healthy and being your best, that’s the tricky part.  Carry on.