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Just One Kiss

siblings hugging wearing masksThe song lyric “Just one kiss” leads the imagination to what follows. “Just one kiss” plays out in our life with quiet regularity.  Is “just one kiss” a takeoff of “just one bite” of the apple provided by the devil to Eve in the Garden of Eden?

You may be thinking the devil as a snake is just made-up stuff that doesn’t apply today. Haven’t seen any talking snakes lately, have you?

You know we all have the snake/devil within us.  Our spouse/partner/lover even wishes it came out less frequently at times.

Between the annual flu and this year’s version of coronavirus, we need to take a close look at the devil within.  The devil says: “Just one”……piece of cake, Pepsi or Coke, order of fries(and supersize it), Netflix series that has you sitting 4 more hours, six packs of beer, a bottle of wine, pack of cigarettes or one more prescription (instead of making lifestyle changes).

It’s “just one”.  One isn’t many is it?  You are “just one” though.  How significant are you even though you are “just one.”  The flu gets us when we are weak and vulnerable. Covid has picked on so many with longstanding (chronic) diseases which appear to be lifestyle diseases. Underlying conditions called comorbidity have been associated with 90% of Covid deaths.

Take charge! It’s not too late, even if you are “just one”.  When it comes to your ability to overcome the vulnerability to Covid, you are the only “just one” that matters.