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How Did They Know?

beautiful woman wearing headscarfWithout benefit of MRI, lab work, biopsies, x-rays or any other sophisticated form of high-tech diagnostic work up, how did they know?  The founders of our language realized thousands of years ago that lack of ease was the root of dis-ease. Thus, the word “disease.”

Each of the treatment rooms in our office have a sign stating “Ease is the opposite of Disease.” Some may find this cute or perhaps trite. Some may think it’s true when applied to apparently minor stuff like tense shoulders or necks, even headaches. What if it’s true about everything? I truly mean everything, such as creativity, relationships, sports performance and even the big stuff like cancer.

Ease is controlled by your nervous system.  A high energy, fully functioning nervous system has you relaxed, energetic, clear thinking as well as having your immune system adapt to the germs in your environment. Here’s the catch to having a nervous system at ease. It always works through controlling it from inside out. In other words, you are in charge.   All drugs control your nervous system from outside. A drug may change the way you feel, even save your life, but it can’t make you healthier. Your body does the healing, always, 100% of the time through proper innate nerve flow.

Recently someone I respect shared his story of battling cancer. His friend, an oncologist (cancer doctor) shared how he beat cancer. The oncologist changed his diet, making a full-fledged commitment to eliminating sugars, especially soda, excessive carbs like bread and pasta, and eliminated processed foods. As the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out.” Reducing the “garbage” allowed this doctor to heal his own cancer. He was so grateful; he shared his story in a book. Unfortunately, the cancer returned, this time spreading to his brain. The doctor contemplated what had happened and realized the missing ingredient was ease. Facing death, he shifted to 3, 20 minutes per day, of ease time. This meant meditating, spiritual reflection and general letting go. The result: another cure.

Every single adjustment in this office is a reset of your breaker box, taking an over wrought nerve circuit and resetting it to a higher state of ease.

Relax yourself into better relationships, more creativity and productivity as well as overall better health.