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How are your brains doing?

couple enjoying watermelonBrains? If you are thinking you only have one brain, I am going to challenge you to look at your body as having 3 brains. The one between the ears is obviously considered the real brain. Since our thoughts appear to originate in the brain, this covid pandemic has certainly triggered a lot of stressed brains.

Where do thoughts of love appear to originate, the brain or the heart?  The heart is richly supplied with nerves that flow to and from the brain.  What if heart reactions of love signal the brain instead of vice versa? This pandemic has certainly triggered stress reactions in the heart as many people have lost loved ones to heart attacks or had family members develop inflammation of the heart for unknown reasons.  In many cases these individuals had no record of underlying heart issues.  Just as the brain between the ears processes your life, might the heart be acting like another brain processing your life?

The third brain is the X factor in so many people adapting to this pandemic.  Your gut is the X factor in keeping your life momentum moving in the right direction. The gut is a factor that rebuilds your immune system and nerve messengers, called neurotransmitters. We are so conditioned to assessing our gut by whether or not we have GI issues such as diarrhea or constipation.  Severe upper GI problems are often accompanied by vomiting. Can you still have gut issues without vomiting, diarrhea or constipation? Definitely and we are seeing problems regularly, whether balance is off, widespread body aches or general weakness. Checking the gut through simple, yet brilliant testing can readily determine the source of your health problems.

Chiropractic care can be very effective in enhancing gut health.  Women, in particular comment on healthier bowel flow when receiving chiropractic care.  Another device we regularly use is a sound machine called Vibrasonics.   It gently sends sound waves through the body triggering a rejuvenation of the gut and nerves.

When your gut is off, you are off.  When its power is on properly, your life has a greater chance of being on.