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How Am I Aging?

senior woman outdoors smilingThe fall season brings on unusual excitement for those focused on attending their high school reunion.  I’ve heard about 20th, 30th, 45th and even 50th reunions! One woman shared how at her reunion the class bully apologized for picking on her in high school.  Making amends for bad behavior in high school may be important to some.  Most are more interested in how they look compared to their classmates.  Basically, it comes down to “How am I aging?”

A friend recently shared how old everyone looked at his 45th high school reunion in Cleveland.  Pittsburghers would agree that living in Cleveland and rooting for the Browns naturally ages a person prematurely.  It’s also natural to think everyone else looks older while we magically have remained pretty much the same.

Luck and genes play a role in how fast you age.  Mostly, aging has to do with lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.  Eat healthy, especially limiting sugar intake, avoid smoking, exercise regularly and you can’t help getting rewarded.  Your chiropractic care is focused on helping your nervous system function at a more relaxed, energetic state.  Your body reflects if you are nurturing your life.  Showing up somewhat relaxed is a great indicator you are on the right track.