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Heart Season, "NOT" Flu Season

dad serving melonHow did the flu get its own season, like football and hockey, during this time of the year?  The answer is simple:  you gave it a season.  Although many medical experts like to blame the flu on a virus from some foreign area – likely a communist country – this does nothing but dodge responsibility.  If you think that getting the flu shot is your version of taking responsibility, realize that while some brilliant MD’s swear by the shot, other doctors, who are just as intelligent, call it a “waste of time” with side effects to boot!

Now here’s the news bulletin you need to read:  the flu season comes at the time when we amp up our sugar intake.  Let’s start with Halloween candy – there’s enough to keep entire households on constant sugar highs.  Kids aren’t the only ones who consume excessive amounts of sugar.  Follow Halloween with the Thanksgiving feast that is accompanied by pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes coated in marshmallows, and other sugary pastries and treats that we all enjoy.  We then zoom right into the Christmas season, where we again amp up the sugar intake five-fold, giving out sugary treats like homemade cookies and pies as “thoughtful” gifts to reinforce our love for each other.

A long-time girlfriend, who is in the nutrition industry, has always referred to sugar as “the devil.”  Yes, that does sound harsh, but it is true.  Sugar weakens the immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to get sick.  Mix sugar intake with decreased sleep due to the busy holiday season and you are truly inviting misery to inhabit your body.

Sugar is the #1 cause of heart disease (not bacon as the old, tired myth goes) since sugar causes inflammation to your entire body.   Remember:  you are good, good, good and sugar is bad, bad, bad.  It not only tastes good, but is addicting, so get some willpower this holiday season.   Less sugar intake means more of you gets to show up with a healthy heart full of loving care for self and others.   So, eat, drink, and be merry this season – but within limits.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Mager Chiropractic!