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G.O.A.T. and Neil Young

man smiling close upToward the end of my father’s life, his driving skills were diminishing to the point where fender benders were becoming frequent.  He was a wonderful husband and father who also had a successful career. Anyone who has faced the challenge of taking the car keys off an elderly parent knows how difficult this is.  You want to protect others as well as your parent’s legacy.

The legacy of recently unretired Tom Brady is intact.  Those Steeler’s fans who have been taught to hate Tom Brady must admit he is the G.O.A.T. With his success in mind, I like to look at how he conducts himself.   Recently I read about his connection to Donald Trump. Both are high level celebrities who naturally have friends and acquaintances everywhere.  How deep those connections go are debatable.  Brady reported Trump asked him to speak at the Republican National Convention. Brady gracefully declined saying “Why invite half the country to dislike me?” Brady deserved credit for knowing he is a football player, not a politician.

Another person’s legacy is starting to concern me.  76-year-old rock star Neil Young’s legacy is taking a hit. It appears Young had determined “misinformation” about Covid, starting with Joe Rogan’s podcasts, are causing irreparable harm and deadly destruction.  Young, a guitarist, song writer and uniquely talented musician, has suddenly become an expert in immunology and epidemiology.  He wants to challenge the thinking of career immunologists, particularly Robert Malone, the MD who developed the mRNA technology used in some of the Covid vaccines.

Those who know me well know I am a huge Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fan.  I am a lunatic fan, even naming one of my sons after him. I love his music, captured by his melodies at the age of 12.  Having access to Young’s website, Neil Young Archives, led me to reach out to him approximately two years ago when an apparently faulty article was on his site. He was gracious in his response to me and immediately removed the article. A few weeks ago, I reached out again regarding apparent misinformation on his website and incongruencies from Neil Young, the artist.  My email was a long one and he gave me a long response. The highlight was;   “I dislike the evening news. It’s Bullshit.” Yet how many people get all their information from the news, like sheep.

This pandemic has touched his heart. He still is not an expert in virology or any other ology.  We don’t know all the answers and those who might know might not be telling.  I wonder what Tom Brady thinks.  What a mystery.  He’s not saying.