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Divorce and Corona Virus

family on a walk with maskA long-time friend was being buried in an acrimonious divorce.  Since being tarred and feathered wasn’t an acceptable punishment for love lost, paying a significant financial penalty would have to do.  His soon-to-be ex-wife’s attorney was hammering him for information whether it applied directly or not to the divorce.  His nerves were frayed and he was aghast at how he and his wife had already accumulated $225,000.00 in lawyers’ bills.  As so many exclaim, “The only ones who win in a divorce are the attorneys.”

This Coronavirus assault has so many on the defensive, just like my friend struggling with his divorce. I am not quite sure what has people more afraid, the virus or the onslaught of information about how terrifying and deadly the virus is.  Is anybody keeping track of how readily information about “the science” of this pandemic changes? The warning from so-called health experts from various government agencies promotes defensive measures such as mask-wearing, washing hands frequently, keeping a “social” distance from people and quarantining for 14 (now 10) days if exposed.

Notice how few health experts recommend going on the offensive. How do you go on the offensive?  Start with limiting your intake of sugar and processed foods. Give up sodas and energy drinks, and even quit smoking.  Routinely walk outdoors in the fresh air. Take up meditation using one of the several online apps. Try a virtual yoga class or stretch along with a TV instructor.  Take Vitamin D as some countries are giving it out for free or at least promoting its benefits.  Many of these things would be an inconvenience, but isn’t this pandemic already an inconvenience? I see Type 2 diabetics with more fear of coronavirus when they need to be much more fearful of their autoimmune lifestyle-driven Type 2 diabetes.

My friend did get his divorce. He decided to start matching the folly of his wife’s attorneys’ requests for equally frivolous requests. She quickly retracted and shut off the flow of money to the attorneys.

Like a Hallmark Christmas movie, my friend is now happily remarried and living on a Christmas tree farm in the Midwest.  Ok, so maybe he doesn’t really live on a Christmas tree farm.  It’s just a small farm with horses and dogs. Go on the offensive. Be in charge of your health.