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Creating a Healthy Mindset

gentle chiropractic careWhat does it take to stay healthy in these Coronavirus times? The answer is the same as during any time of great fear, panic and hysteria. It starts with a strong mindset.

A strong mindset requires you staying focused on your strengths. The greatest discovery of all for you will be discovering the hidden strengths you keep within.

Secondly, develop or maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Walk, run, swim or whatever you love to do. Get outside since vitamin D from the sun is a huge immune booster. Lastly, maintain a healthy nervous system. Your nerves run you and are the system that makes you truly unique.

Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, deep breathing exercises keep your nervous system functioning at a higher level. What are behaviors that are the opposite of developing a healthy you?

Getting tuned into all the fear-based thinking going around. Fear is the opposite of love and faith. It’s helpful if a tiger is chasing you.  Otherwise, let it go.

Taking antibiotics weakens your immune system. A weaker immune system leaves you vulnerable to all types of infections. It’s nice to hear some medical doctors are now posting signs in their waiting rooms stating “We will only prescribe antibiotics responsibly.”

What else will weaken you? If you eat a sugary, carb-based diet, you also weaken your immune system.  Being sedentary weakens you. Become like a child and get out and play.

Lastly, smoking is an obvious health destroyer. Smoking leaves your lungs more vulnerable. Reports are many of the Chinese who died from the Coronavirus were smokers. The virus affected the lungs of its victims. It always comes down to lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. And a bit of luck.