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Country Roads

family laughing in the carAs I travel from my home in northern Washington County to visit a friend in Belle Vernon, I am in awe of the beautiful countryside. For some reason a trip down country roads makes me feel like I am experiencing the heart of America.  Gardens are plentiful, placed anywhere in the yard where vegetables will grow best.

Occasionally the beauty of rural America will be tainted by a rusted out old car sitting lifeless in the yard.  As I repeat this trip numerous times over the past year, the lifeless car never moves. What would it take to bring this old jalopy back to life?  Perhaps we could wash and wax it.  It may look better, but you can’t wash and wax away rust.  Perhaps we can assume a passage of time will change the car.  Time passing without action will make no difference.  Everyone knows a rusting car will continue to rust (“Rust never sleeps.”)

So, what’s the solution?  It starts with the owner of the car.  If the owner feels the car is worth saving, the owner will put time and effort into solutions.  The first focus is to get the car moving.  Machines that sit excessively age prematurely.

Occasionally I will talk to someone, who treats their body as an old jalopy.  They can seem lifeless for their age and prefer sitting around as opposed to movement.  The irony is that many of these human “jalopies” are amazing people.  As the driver of their body, they haven’t gotten focused on their mental and personality strengths.

Getting focused on possibilities leads to awaking your inner wheels. This needs to be followed by a regimented plan to get moving. Shake the rust off. Little things can add up to big things. Make water your drink of choice. Limit your sugar and carbohydrates intake. Get up and move!

Remember, no matter the quality of the car anyone has, it’s only as good as its driver.