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CORONAVIRUS: How to Survive and Thrive

woman outside with mask and glovesCurrently, the coronavirus owns 99% of our attention.  Recently a young woman in her 30’s stopped by our office during our lunch break.  With our office manager in the back office, I set down my lunch and responded to the sound of our front door opening.  The young woman said “I’m here for my 12:30 appointment”.  I told her she didn’t have an appointment in our office, easy enough to determine since we never schedule patients during our lunch break.  “Yes, I do” she responded.  “I know I do.  It’s for 12:30 and I am so afraid to be out in this.”  As her head slightly shook from fear, she pulled her long sleeves over her hands in an attempt to cover her exposed hands. She was informed she was looking for the endodontist down the hall. She nervously left making sure no skin touched the door on the way out.

So just what exactly is Coronavirus?  It is a living organism classified with properties of other viruses.  This differs from organisms such as bacteria or fungi.

This invisible virus known as Coronavirus is alive and as such has one goal, to stay alive.  Isn’t that the goal of most humans during this pandemic?  How does coronavirus focusing on staying alive differ from humans?  Humans can also choose to not only stay alive but thrive.  A human being hopes to not only survive in their relationships but also thrive.  Coronavirus has no internal program to thrive.

In order for coronavirus to survive it must find a willing partner called a host that allows for its survival. Since coronavirus is a low energy, low vibrational frequency organism it needs a home in a host with a similar low energy, low vibrational frequency. Going back to human relationships, do you choose to partner up with someone whose energy level is disproportionately different than yours? Do you typically find couples where one loves to watch TV 14 hours a day while the other is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?  No.

So, if you are one of those low energy, exhausted, quite simply close to permanently wore out humans, coronavirus is looking for you. Might this be why coronavirus deaths are mostly seniors who are not only old but suffer from multiple chronic diseases. In other words, survival was already a struggle prior to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Is coronavirus real?  Of course it is. Does coronavirus obey natural laws like every other organism on this planet, including you? Yes, it does. As such, if you behave like a coronavirus microorganism, with low energy, low vibration vitality, be concerned. If not, relax and do your best to help others who are showing signs of just plain being wore out from life’s challenges.