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Breath In, Breath Out

happy woman with arms out in the mountainTake a deep breath and get ready for the excitement you are going to experience reading this blog. Recently, an avid reader turned me onto a book called “Breath” by James Nestor. Normally 220 pages on proper breathing wouldn’t excite me but, Rochelle, the avid reader, sold it like a master salesperson. “It reads like a novel, not a research study. It’s a real page turner.”  I was convinced and instantly got my copy.

It turns out proper breathing is huge in influencing health.  Many of you have put up with me preaching the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing. I share the story repeatedly of singer, Daryl Hall, exclaiming how diaphragmatic breathing saved his singing voice, allowing it to be almost ageless. After reading “Breath”, it turns out there’s more to proper breathing than just diaphragmatic breathing. Besides diaphragmatic breathing, breathing in and out through the nose, instead of the mouth, has huge health benefits.

Think of it this way; your nose is for breathing and smelling, the mouth is for eating and speaking. Now let’s get back to benefits of nose breathing: less snoring, better circulation, lower blood pressure, more energy, even improved sex life.  Sex sells so I had to throw that in there.  It’s true though.  Be aware of your breathing in and out through your nose and look for the changes.

If you’re thinking “But I’ve injured my nose and I can’t breathe that way”, be aware of the body’s divine ability to adapt. Challenging it to function at a higher level causes improved function and health.

I must admit I am excited to share this health enhancing advice to you. Our patients tend to be people who want to get more life out of life.  Proper breathing is a huge path and it’s free!