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Are You Winning?

senior woman outdoor smiling“Everybody loves a winner!” so the saying goes. Are you “a winner” everybody loves?  Before answering that question, think about this:  what is Michael Jordan most famous for? Is it his winning world championships with the Chicago Bulls? Is it how he parlayed his sports success into billionaire status? The story that is most often told about Michael Jordan is how he overcame getting cut from his high school basketball team. In essence, he was, and is, a winner because he is an overcomer.

One of the strongest women I have ever met overcame the premature death of her son. She moved on with faith and continues to create a great life full of family and love. People can go through tough times with their finances and are challenged to overcome them. More prevalent than financial stress is the challenge to overcome a health crisis. All of us have faced or know a loved one who faced a major health obstacle. It is how they dug deep within themselves to meet the challenge head on that adds to their attractability.

The beauty of chiropractic is how it helps you dig deep for the healing potential you already have within you.  It’s like mining for gold and the gold is within you.  Moving well is part of the process. Relaxing more is always helpful. Chiropractic helps with both of those. 

More importantly, I believe is how chiropractic care helps you see the innate healing powers you already own but may not be accessing. You have the potential to be a winner through overcoming.