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Anybody Else Notice the World Has Changed?

laser therapy on backThis Covid 19 pandemic certainly has people scratching their heads and asking “What’s going on in this crazy world?” The smartest answer I’ve heard was “We just don’t know.” Now that we’ve covered Covid, let’s move on to something that has likely affected you in a very personal way.

When chiropractic was founded in 1895 it was on the basis that the nervous system was the primary source of your health. With that in mind, common sense says interference with your nervous system equals less health. Early chiropractors historically had excellent patient results, sometimes miraculous, working with improving the health of the spine and the underlying nervous system.

Change in this world occurred gradually at first and then with almost overwhelming speed. Along came cars and computers and the need to feed a rapidly growing population. We added planes and cell phones that connected us in less time than early Americans could have even imagined. We even added life-saving antibiotics, insulin and other medicines as well as complicated life-saving surgical procedures.

One change I never could wrap my head around were the side effects of auto accidents as it impacted the brain and neck.  So many things in life are choices but as the saying goes “accidents happen.” You don’t choose to be in an auto accident. So why hasn’t there been any great resolution to overcoming auto accidents or any head injury? How many times did you bounce your head off a wall as a kid?  What about all the long term sports injuries associated with hitting your head playing a game? Even before hearing about brain injuries in the NFL, I listened as brain expert, Daniel Amen, M.D. emphatically declared “never bounce a soccer ball off of your head.”

Over time we developed a world where head trauma is almost expected.  Professional chiropractors and health care providers, in general, were slow to look at the brain as your source of health. Why? Although we know the brain is your generator, the answer might be that there was no effective brain treatment. Drugs failed and brain surgery is a last resort. The spine was more accessible and we chose to influence your brain from spine upwards. It is reasonably effective, but, not enough.

Finally, my eyes were opened to an effective brain treatment. It is called cold laser and is a rapidly developing treatment with science to back up why and how it works.

You’ve got a brain. Protect it as if it were your link to your best you because it is. Please ask if cold laser might benefit you.