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Always Look for The Rest of the Story

woman smiling during consultLegendary radio star, Paul Harvey, had an extremely popular radio show that told “The rest of the story.” Whenever anything that’s newsworthy goes on out there in this big country, I look for “The rest of the story.”

Recently a middle-aged medical doctor, reportedly hardworking and looking reasonably fit and healthy made the news.  It was reported he went to a local hospital complaining of stroke-like symptoms. The treating ER doctor did a CT scan of the brain, showing no evidence of a stroke.  Signs and symptoms worsened so that another brain scan was repeated 40 minutes later.  Now the patient, a doctor also, had a brain bleed, and incapacitating side effects of brain damage.

“If the ER treating doctor had just listened to the patient, none of this would have happened” states a compassionate reviewer of the case.

So, what’s “the rest of the story.”  The stroke victim was taking prescription antidepressants with a known side effect of stroke.  As if the antidepressants weren’t enough to impact functioning of someone needing to show up at a high level of energy daily, he was reportedly taking caffeine pills and sleeping pills. Up, down, up, down, anyone else sensing the roller coaster ride this man’s body was on?  No wonder his brain blew a gasket.

God designed our body to adapt in heroic ways in this sometimes challenging world.

The 3 T’s, trauma, thoughts (stress), and toxicity (diet, environment, even medicines), interfere with the internal super computer known as your nervous system.  You must always learn to work with your nervous system, not against it.

Ease is the opposite of “disease” the founders of our language declared.  It has never changed.  Be a natural overcomer of trauma, stress and toxicity.