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Agree to Disagree

female friends chatting over coffeeRecently I asked a fine, young representative of our United States military what was going on in the world. Since she is frequently doing tours of duty in the Middle East, she regretfully shared how trouble was ahead in Afghanistan. This was actually two days before the collapse of the Afghan government and the deaths of 13 American soldiers.

More importantly than this young soldier’s worldview, I loved her view of America. “We’ve lost the ability to “agree to disagree!”  It used to be two people could share their opinions and comfortably say, “we agree to disagree.”  This is gone as people so readily get angry if someone has a different point of view.”

She is spot on in her view and all this confrontation and hostility is ruining our national health.  Our nervous system is not meant to be in fight or flight all the time.  Who knew that by giving up the fight you relearn to relax, improving your overall health future?  Health begins within you.  Work on getting yourself healthy and let the healthy vibes flow from there.

Chiropractic care naturally turns down your body’s fight or flight sensor.  Let’s agree that this country can be healthier one person at a time starting with ourselves.