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Health Comes From Within You!

father sons beach kiteIf you have been to a local express grocery store, such as Giant Eagle Express, you know they carry a limited supply of groceries. I have to admit that grocery shopping is just about as equal to a trip to the dentist. As I approached the produce section of the store, my bewildered look caused an employee to instantly ask “Can I help you find something?”  In search of some odd type of potato, she instantly found the last few.  It’s my lucky day I responded as I thanked her.  “Your lucky day? If you were really lucky, you’d be driving a Ferrari.”  That was an interesting response considering I have never equated luck with the brand of car a person drives.

So often people equate being healthy with “being lucky.”  Again, I don’t see the connection. Perhaps “blessed” is a better word.  I’ve never heard anyone say “you’re so lucky to be an architect” or “you’re so lucky to be an NFL player.”  Since so much of life is a result of the focused work you put into a challenge; I dismiss luck in most of life’s circumstances.

Health is “lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle” as sure real estate is  “location, location, location.” It is the result of focused behaviors and awareness of what it takes to be your healthiest you.  Watch TV on a regular basis, particularly newscasts sponsored by drug companies, and you will reinforce that health is not about you. The drug ads want you to believe taking all the “right pills” is the key to a healthy future.  My mother taught me you only take medicine when you are sick. I’ve never seen any evidence that she was wrong.

Discover, reinforce, and access the power within you where you are responsible for your health. Turn “You da man” or “You da woman” into the truth, your truth.