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12 Seconds to Paradise

dad gives best piggy back rideEddie Money’s 1977 hit song “Two Tickets to Paradise” offered you access to paradise; how long does it take to get there?  Have you ever accomplished anything good and glorious in 12 seconds?  Albert Einstein taught us everything is relative so 12 seconds in some situations feels like an hour and less than a second in others.

Have you ever given up too quickly on accomplishing any major milestone in your life?  Perhaps it was a diet that didn’t appear to be working fast enough.  Perhaps it was an exercise regimen that didn’t quite make you into Superwoman or Superman.  Perhaps that career or education you desired took too long so it’s easier to just stay the same.

You’ve already taken more than 12 seconds to get to this point.  The length of time is not nearly as important as the mindset you bring to any endeavor.  As you sit on a jumbo jet heading to your next paradise vacation, think about what a mindset wrapped around 12 seconds brought you.

The first flight by the Wright brothers lasted 12 seconds.  That’s right: twelve whole seconds!  They didn’t say “That sucked” or “We are idiots for even trying.” Their mindset of “We’ve got this!” allows you to jet set around the world all because they didn’t stop at 12 seconds.  Remember they didn’t have anyone who showed the way before them saying, “This is possible.”

It’s not the time that is important.  It is the mindset of “I can, I will, I must” that gets anything done.  That mindset comes from inside you.  No one, I repeat, no one can give it to you. We all appreciate a pat on the back now and then for some encouragement. It’s still up to you.

I noticed years ago the patient person heals twice as fast.  My hope for you is that whatever you endeavor to accomplish, you are patient and persistent.   May you find yourself taking off like a jet, or at least a Kitty Hawk.