Your Leg Length Reveals Life is Messy

     There is a myth that your leg length should be perfectly even for your body to work in a balanced way. It certainly sounds logical that having perfect balance in your body leads to better health. The reality is it is impossible, even for a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast.

     The reason for imbalance and uneven legs is quite simply tension. From the time you initially come down the chute on your birthday, you were a relaxed bundle of love. You had a choice to remain a relaxed bundle of love or proceed with some degree of tension into the vast world of the unknown. The built in plan was for you to grow. You proceeded to instantly create a state of tension in your life such as peeing your pants. Yes, you used to do that. You also learned to be more dominant on one side. It is all a part of a natural progression to grow stronger and more active. Ironically there are few times in the journey of your life where you are in perfect balance. The first of those times is when you are so out of balance; life was so messy you ended up requiring surgery. Anesthesia, the drugged state of total relaxation, evens leg length. The second perfectly even leg length state is immediately following death. You actually don’t want your legs even.

     So barring surgery or death you go through life like a sailboat rocking on the ocean waves, a little imbalanced to either side.