Your Body’s Long Memory

     Have you heard the story about the older couple who goes for marriage counseling? The wife’s complaint is “he never tells me he loves me.” The marriage counselor followed that up with “Why don’t’ you tell her you love her?”. With a look of bewilderment on his face the husband responded “I told her I love her 38 years ago. If I change my mind I will let her know!” That one line, “I love you”, was expected to last forever. Your body’s nervous system has a built in resource that stores every single experience you’ve ever had, particularly trauma.

     Occasionally a patient will ask how a trauma from a long time ago could still be impacting their body. Since the nervous system stores all experiences within, remnants of the accident last forever.

     The most obvious example we see in the news today is the brain damage that occurs in pro football players 30, 20, 10 even 5 years after retirement. Football has been described as “like being in an auto accident every Sunday.” Check out the Pittsburgh based movie “Concussion” coming out December 25th starring Will Smith. Fortunately in this practice we have seen patients who do well recovering from auto accidents or adapting well to playing pro football for years.

     Our potential to be well continues to be greater than we can ever realize.