Women reinforce the right way to look at health

     For years I chose to keep out of the discussion on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I thought it was solely a woman’s decision to use or not use HRT; no input from me was needed. In hindsight, that was cowardly. 

     There is a health principle, based on neurology, that the nervous system is the master system of the body. When controlled from the outside, such as HRT, or any drug, you compromise the ability of the nervous system to function at its best. This is true 100% of the time. There are no exceptions. The effects of compromising the nervous system’s control of your body are referred to as “side effects.” There are situations where the nervous system has failed to adapt to a stressor and needs outside intervention such as to save a life. Type 1 diabetes is a perfect example of a drug, insulin, in this case, saving a life. Insulin, like any drug, has side effects. Now comes word that the regimen of taking daily aspirin that cardiologists recommend is harmful. If taken daily for 10 years, per cardiologists advice, the rate of blindness doubles. Imagine the side effects in an adult who has started using daily aspirin at an early age. All drugs, recreational, prescribed or over the counter, come with side effects.

     Consistent with neurological principles, more evidence is in that HRT was actually very harmful for a very large number of women.

     We keep wishing neurophysiology would change but the Creator seemed to set up a systematic pattern of nervous system control beyond our understanding. Instead of fighting the gift of neurology, we would be better off to embrace it.