When Are You Getting Married Jimmy?

     “When are you getting married, Jimmy?” my cousin politely asked. In an Italian family, the “y” gets added on to the end of each boy’s name and forever remains. My cousin noticed the look of fear on my face and proclaimed, “As little girls we think about our wedding day, boys don’t.”

     What do boys think of? The universal tale of Charles Atlas having sand kicked on him by bigger, stronger boys comes to mind. He declares that he will get stronger and ends up looking like Mr. Universe.

     Into adulthood so many men chase the imaginary world weightlifting title as well as the physique and strength to go with it.

     Why isn’t flexibility used as a better indicator of future health? I meet so many guys in the gym who have lost most of their upper body flexibility including shoulders, as well as lower back flexibility due to chasing more strength through weight lifting. Weight lifting without flexibility training (yoga, pilates) can lead to deteriorating health and function.

     When combining flexibility with strength training, you get to stay youthful and active beyond your years.