“What’s the Connection?”


What’s the Connection?”

            It’s not uncommon to walk into the chiropractic adjusting room and find a patient hypnotized by a death notice.  Some are so entranced they don’t immediately look up.  If you are also someone who reads death notices and obituaries, you would agree the color photo of the deceased makes it even more attractive to get a piece of their story.  “Look how young this one is” is a common refrain, or “It says ‘unexpectedly’, likely an opioid overdose again.”  We can agree those listings have become all too common.

            Last week, two announcements caught my attention due to what the deceased had in common.  One was a fairly vivacious woman (yes, I knew her) and the other was a 54-year-old man who “died in his sleep”.  What they had in common was both had a history of low back surgery – one even reported “botched low back surgery”.  They both also had a history of leukemia.

            So, what’s the connection?  Failed back surgery, more common than not, leaves the patient in constant pain in which there is no escape.  Often, the patient repeats the spinal surgery hoping for any remission in the suffering.  This intense, chronic pain leaves the patient weary and even hopeless at times.  It’s been said many cancers are a 7-year wearing out of the immune system.

            Is there a correlation between the leukemia and back surgery for those two death listings?  A back that is irreversibly irritated due to surgery is going to wear down a person’s immune system over time.  Similarly, cancer has been determined to be a progressive wearing down of the immune system.  Connection between leukemia and failed back surgery?  It’s a possibility best avoided. Together let’s get your spine younger.