“What Is Your Focus?”



 What Is Your Focus?

     Years ago a brilliant rabbi was asked what he focuses on when presenting to his congregation. He quickly replied “Help them become good Jews.” This answer initially puzzled me. What about becoming good human beings or kind to one another? It took me a while to realize the power and purpose behind his answer.

     His answer has a similar tone to my answering “What’s the focus of chiropractic care?” Most people would expect any chiropractor to say “Get people out of pain.” Actually, the answer is “Help people get healthier.” It’s that simple. But what if you just want your pain gone? Get healthier and you most likely will have less pain. By focusing on being healthier, the side effects can be improved relationships, increased creativity, improved movement and ease of exercise, as well as so much more.

     Perhaps the expectation of the rabbi is a “good Jew” is naturally kind and caring. When we focus on being good at any worthy goal, the goodness naturally spreads to other areas of our life.

     Let’s help you spread your health to others!