What Happened to Elvis?





     Now that my mother has surpassed 86 years old, time and her mind are picking up speed towards the journey to heaven.

     My mother has made a habit of reminding me how I “looked just like Elvis as a baby,” according to the maternity ward’s nurses. Apparently, I came out with sideburns “just like Elvis,”  says mom. I hear this comment a few times a month, but with dementia gaining more traction it has become a question if it was me who looked like Elvis instead of a comment.

     Recently my mother asked me, “Whatever happened to Elvis? Is he still alive?” I explained to her that he died years ago, the victim of an overzealous doctor prescribing too many pills. My mother’s comeback, “Elvis knew what he was doing. He was an adult!”

     Is it appropriate to argue with an 86 year old that has dementia and Alzheimer’s, especially when it’s your mom?  My counter to my mom’s opinion was people naturally respect MD’s and will bypass common sense and universal laws of nature for the advice of an MD in a white coat. Mom concluded I was right, but I felt no sense of victory.

     With the recent deaths of Prince as well as Glen Frey of The Eagles, both apparent victims of excessive prescribed medication, joining Elvis and Michael Jackson in the other world, when will we learn how powerful our bodies are when trained to be healthy? You can’t drug someone healthy as sure as you can’t create an intelligent son or daughter by doing all of their homework for them in a stellar fashion.

     Tune into the power within. That is the focus of chiropractic care and patient education in this office.