“What Does a Miracle Look Like?”


            In a world where information is spread so quickly, we can fall victim to wanting instant gratification.  McDonald’s wisely capitalized on our need for instant results.  Before you have completed giving your order to the cashier at McDonald’s, they have half the order sitting in front of you.  Can that possibly be good for you?  Still we seek instant results.

            Every once in awhile we get to witness “instant gratification” that may have taken 3, 5, or even 9 years to occur.  What does that mean?  We may see someone struggling with their health in a big way, year after year.  They are still doing a lot of the right things, yet appear to continue to get disappointing results.  Suddenly, as if it occurred in an instant, everything clicks for that person.  The positive change is even noticeable on their glowing face, a smile accompanied by shining eyes.  This is a victory of the most beautiful kind for many reasons.  First, the person is accessing their best self and, therefore, best future.  Secondly, it is a reminder to never give up on someone you know, and especially, love.  One of the coolest side effects of this “instant gratification” is when the person states, “I am off all meds.”  Now even the M.D. is dialed into the patient’s new-found health status. 

            Patience and persistence are universal keys to success.  This is where the Latin origin of the word patient comes from.  So, let us be patient and diligent in our common goal to achieve the optimum outcome for your health.  A miracle may be in the works.