What do the Pros Know?

golf guy

   As the medical doctor walked off of his home course, St. Clair Country Club, he frustratingly asked his golf buddy what to do to improve his game.  His friend responded “I am thinking of seeing a chiropractor.”  The MD replied,  “Never see a chiropractor, they are not safe.  They should never be allowed to touch someone’s neck because they cause strokes.”   “Wait a minute,” the friend responded.   “I just saw Rory McIlroy getting chiropractic care on the new Nike commercial and the chiropractor  was working on his neck.  Did you know that Jordan Spieth gets chiropractic care every day and Zach Johnson does as well?  What do you know that they don’t, Mr. Golf Lover?”

   The friend is right!  It is common for the world’s greatest athletes to regularly receive chiropractic care.

   Regarding the complaint from the MD that chiropractors should never touch the neck because they cause strokes, studies show that a person has a greater risk of having a stroke following a visit to a MD than a chiropractor.  Why?  Because strokes happen to unhealthy people regardless of what a MD does.   Additionally, the rate of strokes is greater among the population who have never seen a chiropractor, compared to those who have.

   If you would like to improve your health, quality of life and perhaps your golf game, by all means see a chiropractor  for a regular check-up. 

Do what the pros do and what Nike says, “Just do it!”