“Patience, Patience, Patience”




“Patience, Patience, Patience”

    In a world that honors doing anything faster, from a McDonalds lunch to the Quick Lube oil change, speed is king.  In sports the saying is “can’t teach speed” and every athlete wants it.  So, I am asking you to slow down and consider “patience is still a virtue.”

    Look at the benefits patience has brought you throughout your life.  What if every person on a first date said “I will give her/him the evening to figure out I am the one or I am moving on”?  There is such a thing as “Love at first sight” but it is rare and mostly seen in TV dramas and Hallmark movies. Patience in developing relationships typically develop the strongest relationships.

    Twice in my chiropractic career I’ve had patients come in on the advice of a neurosurgeon. The surgeon recommended “trying” chiropractic care for a week, “If unsuccessful, return for surgery.”  I’ve prevented countless spinal surgeries, just not in a week.

    Years ago, I observed that the patient person heals twice as fast.  Perhaps “twice” is a slight exaggeration, but the patient person does heal quicker.  When you fill your mind with positive expectations, in this case recovering from a health condition, you put your body at ease so you can more effectively recover.  Quietly, patiently, searching for solutions has the potential to bring about the best solutions. 

    Lastly, we mustn’t confuse patience with inactivity or refusal to address a problem.

    Take on your challenges, health or otherwise, knowing you have the potential within you to find solutions.

“Buried Treasure”

“Buried Treasure”

    Legendary personal development author and speaker, Bob Proctor, told a teaching story months before he died at age 87.  It’s worth sharing.

    Bob delivered the Toronto Star newspaper as a young boy. His brother helped him in this business delivering to over 300 customers on his route.  An old, large house was on his route, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Chapman. Mr. Chapman was an old, frail looking, bent over junk man.  He pushed his junk cart around town gathering discarded junk for resale. His wife, tall, thin and dressed like the wife of a poor junkman, could be seen scurrying through town to her next job as a cleaning lady for homes and businesses.  Neither one presented a pretty picture.

    One day, Bob, was shocked to see the front page of the Toronto Star he was about to deliver announcing Mr. Chapman’s death.  It seems this “junk man” left behind over $100,000 in cash inside his home.  Since this was the 1940’s, the cash would easily be worth over a million dollars today.

    Bob’s point to the story was “money is not meant to be hoarded. It works best when it flows like a river.”  It’s easy to see the truth in Bob’s statement since the Chapman’s could have had a better life if they had spent some of the money.

    The take away for me to this true story is to be aware of what is inside you.  Just as seemingly buried treasure was in Mr. Chapman’s house, it’s human nature to hide away our talents and gifts.  The greatest of these gifts is our body’s incredible capacity to be healthy if we would just get out of the way.   Ease is and always will be the opposite of dis-ease.  Relax occasionally and have faith in your talents.

“The Great Mystery of Health”


“The Great Mystery of Health”

         There’s an old saying about raising children, “If you can just get your child to age 25, you have a good chance of getting them to 50.”  So profound and so true.

         Now here’s a rule to get to age 25 and beyond, protecting what I expect will be an awesome future.  This rule was taught to me by the famous brain expert, Daniel Amen, M.D.  He said, “Don’t bounce anything off your head.”  This means soccer balls, windshields, dashboards, fists, karate chops, walls and countless other hard objects.

         Understanding the mind-body connection was a tough sell to the medical profession.  The belief that our way of thinking could possibly influence our health apparently minimized the doctor’s skill as well as the value of the pills and surgery.  Now that the mind-body connection is an accepted way of thinking, we had to progress toward understanding the physical keeper of our thoughts; the brain.

         Your brain is the consistency of cottage cheese, floating around as if suspended in air.  Its bony protector, the skull, can become a source of brain injury when something hits the outside of the skull.

         If you hit your head hard enough to injure your brain, you would expect to instantly know it beyond the discomfort on the outside.  The injury can be so subtle it doesn’t show up for years.  When discussing head trauma with patients a common response to it is, “Oh that happened years ago.”  It’s so easy to see residual effects of head trauma in football players who haven’t played in 20-30 years and understand the brain trauma connection to health.

         There is a solution to erasing the subtle, seemingly silent effects of minor and major blows to the head.  If there is evidence of side effects, red and infrared light therapy can be very effective, erasing past trauma like erasing chalk on a chalkboard.  You’re living for today and for tomorrow.  Keep it special.



“How Did They Know?”

“How Did They Know?”

     Without benefit of MRI, lab work, biopsies, x-rays or any other sophisticated form of high-tech diagnostic work up, how did they know?  The founders of our language realized thousands of years ago that lack of ease was the root of dis-ease.  Thus, the word “disease.” 

     Each of the treatment rooms in our office have a sign stating “Ease is the opposite of Disease.”  Some may find this cute or perhaps trite. Some may think it’s true when applied to apparently minor stuff like tense shoulders or necks, even headaches.  What if it’s true about everything?  I truly mean everything, such as creativity, relationships, sports performance and even the big stuff like cancer.

     Ease is controlled by your nervous system.  A high energy, fully functioning nervous system has you relaxed, energetic, clear thinking as well as having your immune system adapt to the germs in your environment.  Here’s the catch to having a nervous system at ease. It always works through controlling it from inside out.  In other words, you are in charge.   All drugs control your nervous system from outside. A drug may change the way you feel, even save your life, but it can’t make you healthier.  Your body does the healing, always, 100% of the time through proper innate nerve flow. 

     Recently someone I respect shared his story of battling cancer. His friend, an oncologist (cancer doctor) shared how he beat cancer. The oncologist changed his diet, making a full-fledged commitment to eliminating sugars, especially soda, excessive carbs like bread and pasta, and eliminated processed foods. As the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out.”  Reducing the “garbage” allowed this doctor to heal his own cancer.  He was so grateful; he shared his story in a book.  Unfortunately, the cancer returned, this time spreading to his brain.  The doctor contemplated what had happened and realized the missing ingredient was ease.  Facing death, he shifted to 3, 20 minutes per day, of ease time.  This meant meditating, spiritual reflection and general letting go. The result: another cure.

     Every single adjustment in this office is a reset of your breaker box, taking an over wrought nerve circuit and resetting it to a higher state of ease. 

     Relax yourself into better relationships, more creativity and productivity as well as overall better health.


“G.O.A.T. and Neil Young”




G.O.A.T. and Neil Young

   Toward the end of my father’s life, his driving skills were diminishing to the point where fender benders were becoming frequent.  He was a wonderful husband and father who also had a successful career. Anyone who has faced the challenge of taking the car keys off an elderly parent knows how difficult this is.  You want to protect others as well as your parent’s legacy.

   The legacy of recently unretired Tom Brady is intact.  Those Steeler’s fans who have been taught to hate Tom Brady must admit he is the G.O.A.T. With his success in mind, I like to look at how he conducts himself.   Recently I read about his connection to Donald Trump. Both are high level celebrities who naturally have friends and acquaintances everywhere.  How deep those connections go are debatable.  Brady reported Trump asked him to speak at the Republican National Convention. Brady gracefully declined saying “Why invite half the country to dislike me?” Brady deserved credit for knowing he is a football player, not a politician. 

   Another person’s legacy is starting to concern me.  76-year-old rock star Neil Young’s legacy is taking a hit. It appears Young had determined “misinformation” about Covid, starting with Joe Rogan’s podcasts, are causing irreparable harm and deadly destruction.  Young, a guitarist, song writer and uniquely talented musician, has suddenly become an expert in immunology and epidemiology.  He wants to challenge the thinking of career immunologists, particularly Robert Malone, the MD who developed the mRNA technology used in some of the Covid vaccines. 

   Those who know me well know I am a huge Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fan.  I am a lunatic fan, even naming one of my sons after him. I love his music, captured by his melodies at the age of 12.  Having access to Young’s website, Neil Young Archives, led me to reach out to him approximately two years ago when an apparently faulty article was on his site. He was gracious in his response to me and immediately removed the article. A few weeks ago, I reached out again regarding apparent misinformation on his website and incongruencies from Neil Young, the artist.  My email was a long one and he gave me a long response. The highlight was;   “I dislike the evening news. It’s Bullshit.” Yet how many people get all their information from the news, like sheep. 

   This pandemic has touched his heart. He still is not an expert in virology or any other ology.   We don’t know all the answers and those who might know might not be telling.  I wonder what Tom Brady thinks.  What a mystery.  He’s not saying.


“Do you want to die?”


“Do you want to die?”

     Years back I nearly dropped over from shock as I listened to my father’s cardiologist control my father with the question, “Do you want to die?”  My father was hospitalized for a reaction to his medicine, blood thinners, that had blood running down his legs as if he had burst a pipe.  When my father asked if he really needed the medicine the cardiologist gave his Godly response, “Do you want to die?”  I felt like I was watching the classic movie the “Ten Commandments” starring Yul Brynner.

     The doctor was implying the blood thinners needed to be taken for the rest of his life, as most medicines are. How many people, possibly even yourself, have been put on cholesterol lowering meds, blood pressure pills, Type 2 diabetes meds, among others and had your doctor discontinue them because the meds made you so healthy? It’s so rare.

    When injured in an accident approximately 5 years ago, that resulted in a severe blood clot, I required blood thinners. I was terribly concerned I would be on blood thinners the rest of my life.  When asking the doctor if that were the case he said, “No, we don’t keep people on blood thinners for life anymore.”  Wow, what a beautiful change in thinking.  So, in other words, the bold advice the cardiologist gave my father wasn’t necessarily true. 

     My 84-year-old cousin recently had the experience of blood thinners causing side effects. She was lucky enough to have another doctor examine her, as her regular doctor was out of the office. The new doctor quizzed her about her blood thinners and after exam discontinued the medicine. The side effects went away and her quality of life improved.

     My question to you is how many lifetime medicines are you on; especially because you don’t want to die of a stroke, heart attack or whatever?  As Eli Lilly, the most famous drug maker of all said, “If it doesn’t have side effects, it’s not a drug.” 

     So, what’s the solution?  Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.  Treat yourself like you matter because you do.  Start small. You don’t have to walk or run 6 miles the first time out. Take baby steps. The intention of your focus is more important than the intensity of your changes.   Ease into getting healthier.

     Your body is the physical reflection of your deepest held beliefs and thoughts you have about you.  Be kind to yourself.  It will spread to others.

“What? Turn down your smoke detector?”


“What? Turn down your smoke detector?”

     How exciting would it be if your friend, who struggled with obesity her entire adult life lost over 150 pounds in a year. The woman who lost over 150 pounds, discontinued her treatment in the weight loss program.  A year later she was now heavier than when starting her weight loss journey. It turned out her new found 132-pound figure started to cause attraction from men.  Since she was sexually abused as a child, the new found attention was very uncomfortable. The result was going back to the comfort of weighing over 280 pounds. This story was written in the book “The Body Keeps the Score” by psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk. The book is a powerful view into how the nervous system, starting with the brain, works to protect you. 

     Your body, through your brain, has two goals every day.  The first is to “survive the day.”  The second is “don’t make things worse.”  Your body is wired through your nervous system to protect you.  Bad things happen and your brain says, “don’t repeat that experience.”  How do we ever grow if we don’t confront our apparent failures?  It starts when realizing when your thoughts, expressed through your body, are over protecting you.  This would be like having your smoke detector set too sensitive. The smell of smoke on a smokers clothing would trip the detector.

     It’s not just your emotions that are programmed to protect. Everything your body does is a balancing act to help you survive. Survival is rule # one!  A woman shared with me recently how her husband’s health deteriorated so badly after being put on statin drugs. He developed a disease of the central nervous system and died a year later. She was not saying the medicine caused the disease. She was saying the disease appeared to express itself, like throwing gas on a fire, after starting the medicine.

     Like a child, I have to ask “why?”  So, I followed up with an expert in how the nervous system works and why cholesterol meds could aggravate someone.

     His answer was priceless.  “Bad cholesterol or LDL, repairs the CNS (central nervous system).  It keeps it working at a high level. So, when you reduce this cholesterol, you reduce repair of the CNS (brain and spinal cord).”  WOW! How shocking is that answer?  Perhaps this is why doctors and patients readily report that cholesterol meds cause muscle soreness and cognitive (thinking) impairment.

     You’ve only got one special you.  Your nervous system and to a degree genes, make you unique.  Protect your uniqueness. 

“Let Go”

“Let Go”

     “Anger is way up out there. Have you noticed how angry people are with this Coronavirus?”  a patient commented to me one morning.    Actually, I had not noticed an increase in anger. I tend to retreat into my cocoon in times of trouble and I’ve gotten good at it since March of 2020.

     Some people show their stress by expressing anger, many express stress through fear. The other major reaction to stress is focus on how things look, be it personal appearance or home, including work space.

     Stress relief through releasing anger is managed by letting go of the need to be in charge. It’s challenging for a leader to let go of being in charge when such a crazy variable like Covid is going on.

     Fear is relieved by accessing positive information be it from books, people or even TV.  Turn off the news if you want to lift up your entire self. 

     Lastly focus on doing some type of appearance goal, be it on self, such as losing weight, or redoing your work space.  Recently I decided to send a note of appreciation and encouragement to a man who cut back on sweets over the holidays and lost 26 pounds. What awesome discipline during a time of year discipline goes out the window.  Since I generally keep a record of notes I send, I noticed I sent almost zero notes during the pandemic.  What happened to my encouragement and gratitude to others since Covid struck?  Regardless it’s worth getting back, for all of us.  

“Health comes from within YOU!”

“Health comes from within YOU!”

     If you have been to a local express grocery store, such as Giant Eagle Express, you know they carry a limited supply of groceries. I have to admit that grocery shopping is just about as equal to a trip to the dentist. As I approached the produce section of the store, my bewildered look caused an employee to instantly ask “Can I help you find something?”  In search of some odd type of potato, she instantly found the last few.  It’s my lucky day I responded as I thanked her.  “Your lucky day? If you were really lucky, you’d be driving a Ferrari.”  That was an interesting response considering I have never equated luck with the brand of car a person drives. 

     So often people equate being healthy with “being lucky.”  Again, I don’t see the connection. Perhaps “blessed” is a better word.  I’ve never heard anyone say “you’re so lucky to be an architect” or “you’re so lucky to be an NFL player.”  Since so much of life is a result of the focused work you put into a challenge; I dismiss luck in most of life’s circumstances. 

     Health is “lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle” as sure a real estate is  “location, location, location.” It is the result of focused behaviors and awareness of what it takes to be your healthiest you.  Watch TV on a regular basis, particularly newscasts sponsored by drug companies, and you will reinforce that health is not about you. The drug ads want you to believe taking all the “right pills” is the key to a healthy future.  My mother taught me you only take medicine when you are sick. I’ve never seen any evidence where she was wrong.   

     Discover, reinforce, access the power within you where you are responsible for your health. Turn “You da man” or “You da woman” into the truth, your truth.

“Holiday Blessings”

“Holiday Blessings”



end a quarrel.

Seek out a forgotten

friend. Dismiss suspicion,

and replace it with trust….

Write a love letter.  Share some

treasure.  Give a soft answer.  En-

courage youth.  Manifest your loyalty in

word and deed.  Keep a promise.  Find the

time.  Forgo a grudge.  Forgive an enemy.  Listen.

Apologize if you were wrong.  Try to understand.

Flout envy.  Examine your demands on others.  Think

first of someone else.  Appreciate.  Be kind; be gentle.

Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.  Deserve confidence.

Take up arms against malice.  Decry complacency.  Express your

Gratitude.  Go to church.  Welcome a stranger.  Gladden the heart

of a child.  Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.

Speak your love.

Speak it again.

Speak it still

once again.