“It’s all in your head”

“It’s all in your head”

     In a lifetime filled with mistakes, one stands out.  While standing in line at the bank, I noticed a woman I often run into.  She appeared to be pregnant, something I had never noticed in her before or since.  So, I commented, “Congratulations on your pregnancy.”  She responded, “I’m not pregnant, just fat.”  Let’s blame it on the top she had on that day or just my ever-present stupidity.  I slithered like a snake back to my office, unable to overcome my embarrassment.

     An honest mistake I’ve also made happened when expressing my views on being healthy.  These views were expressed to patients as well as students during health care talks.  I would present the power of the mind expressed through your health attitude.  I do believe the mind is incredibly powerful and you do have a health attitude that is expressed through your body.  The mistake occurs when I give the perception you are healthy because you have a great attitude and sick because of a bad attitude.  This can be interpreted as someone has cancer or any other condition because they have a bad attitude.  This isn’t true.

     Science has recently caught up to the fact that head injuries, both small seemingly minor or severe, impact your health.  Ever had an auto accident, bounced a ball off your head such as in soccer, accidentally hit your head?  You have suffered a head injury of some degree.  The injury is “all in your head” but not in your mind or attitude.  It’s in your brain.

     We see so many patients who suffer low back pain simply because they have lingering effects of a head injury, whether recent or even in childhood.

     It is incredibly exciting to take the work of geniuses, and then apply the knowledge they shared to help you become a healthier you. Might your health concerns be “all in your head”?

     Like you, I keep learning from my mistakes. There’s so much to learn.

“World Gone Crazy or Maybe Not”

“World Gone Crazy or Maybe Not”

     A quick scan at the news on my iPhone or iPad news app can make be shudder in horror.  The craziness is so bizarre that it’s easy to forget these were real people, real families experiencing sudden loss.  Still, the “unexpected and suddenly” deaths occurring in the prime of life continue to occur in record numbers.  We are so busy with our own lives we quickly move on from the sudden, unexplained death of an otherwise healthy 45-year-old.  The family may not recover so quickly, but we do perhaps to the detriment of protecting our own friends and family.

     In the midst of tragedy, two stories were shared with me recently. Several people shared the story of a young man, married, father of three young children, high level job with lots of responsibility who routinely reached out to his neighbors. He checked to see if his elderly neighbors needed their lawn mowed in the summer, driveway shoveled in the winter.  These acts of kindness are not done for pay, just routine kindness.

     A woman shared with me how a local high school student has always checked on her to see if she needed the hilly part of her lawn mowed. He expects no payment in return. It’s just an opportunity to do for others. 

     The same thing was said about the teen as well as the man in his 40’s; “they must have been raised by great parents.”

     I truly believe 90% of the people out there are generally good people.  I just wish the news would tell us about them.


“Looking for love in all the wrong places”

“Looking for love in all the wrong places”

     A good friend recently turned 66.  Twice divorced, he continues to look for “the one.”  He firmly believes that “all of us are the same; looking for love and to be appreciated.”  What about you?  My spin on this is everyone needs to experience self-love and appreciation.  Without something you don’t own, it’s difficult to share with someone else.

     Since this is a health blog, I must get to the point.  A healthy you is the conduit to love and appreciation. Since I can be a slow learner, I have come to the conclusion, after serving thousands of patients, that brain health is the key to a healthy present and future.  Secondly your nervous system (autonomic or Automatic Nervous system) has to learn to relax, starting with the heart and onto the rest of the body.  Lastly protecting your spine by having good posture goes a long way in helping you age properly. 

     So, there it is.  Self-love is about protecting your brain. Red Light therapy is a beautiful solution for many to overcome head trauma. Secondly, protect your heart by learning to live with ease, the opposite of disease. Lastly, sit up, stand up. From there, share your love!

“Breath in, Breath out”

“Breath in, Breath out”

     Take a deep breath and get ready for the excitement you are going to experience reading this blog. Recently, an avid reader turned me onto a book called “Breath” by James Nestor. Normally 220 pages on proper breathing wouldn’t excite me but, Rochelle, the avid reader, sold it like a master salesperson. “It reads like a novel, not a research study. It’s a real page turner.”  I was convinced and instantly got my copy.

     It turns out proper breathing is huge in influencing health.  Many of you have put up with me preaching the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing. I share the story repeatedly of singer, Daryl Hall, exclaiming how diaphragmatic breathing saved his singing voice, allowing it to be almost ageless. After reading “Breath”, it turns out there’s more to proper breathing than just diaphragmatic breathing. Besides diaphragmatic breathing, breathing in and out through the nose, instead of the mouth, has huge health benefits. 

     Think of it this way; your nose is for breathing and smelling, the mouth is for eating and speaking. Now let’s get back to benefits of nose breathing: less snoring, better circulation, lower blood pressure, more energy, even improved sex life.  Sex sells so I had to throw that in there.  It’s true though.  Be aware of your breathing in and out through your nose and look for the changes.

     If you’re thinking “But I’ve injured my nose and I can’t breathe that way”, be aware of the body’s divine ability to adapt. Challenging it to function at a higher level causes improved function and health.

     I must admit I am excited to share this health enhancing advice to you. Our patients tend to be people who want to get more life out of life.  Proper breathing is a huge path and it’s free! 

“Loose Change”


   “Loose Change”

     What is it about the word “change” that has such a negative connection?  Carrying extra coin or change in my pocket takes me back to the days of going to the laundromat.  Don’t want to go down that memory lane.  How many people don’t mind carrying loose change?

     Coin or change can’t compare to the negative connotation that goes with the need to change.  Ever been confronted by your relationship partner with “you need to change”?

     Proper self esteem requires that we appreciate who we are and the work we have put into becoming the superstar that stares back at you in the mirror.  All growth, however, requires some dissatisfaction with your station in life.  In other words, “you need to change”.  This change can prevent a loss or provide a gain.  Consistent life victories occur when you change to provide some type of gain in your life, especially your health.

     Recently, I was listening to a prominent and brilliant doctor, Robert Malone M.D., talk about overcoming disease.  He stated “In the history of mankind overcoming disease has required some form of behavior modification”.  Right there is why he is so much smarter than I.  He calls change “Behavior Modification”.

     I get it, you are incredible. Still, you do need to change for the better.  We all do.  One purpose of your chiropractic care is always to get your body (and mind) more relaxed, moving better and hopefully focused on how your body universally works from above, down, inside out.      

     If you find change is too difficult, try “behavior modification” instead.  People will be impressed with how smart you are.

“Chicken or the Egg…Which came first?”

“Chicken or the Egg…Which came first?”

     Hopefully my son in law will not mind me sharing this story about him.  Shhhh…. Please don’ tell him. Josh is an exceptional young man; great husband to my daughter, Alaina, and a loving and great father to their five children.  Yes, five.  That is not a typo.

     This fit, athletic 32-year-old recently tore his Achilles tendon while playing basketball.  This type of injury is a tough one.  It often requires surgery, followed by a whole year of recovery.  An injury such as this has ended many professional athletes’ careers.

     Why does this happen?  I look to the brain and the feet of the injured person for the answer.  Bad feet leave everything above vulnerable to injury.  Flat, pronated feet readily lead to achy knees with likely replacement down the road.   The low back is much more vulnerable with bad feet.  Why?  You are not meant to carry stress unevenly, from your feet up into your body.

     Unfortunately, Josh has very flat feet.  The quickly, observable side effect of his flat feet is a bunion forming already.  Uneven stress from the feet up can certainly set up tearing of the Achilles tendon when very active, such as playing basketball. 

     Josh’s case isn’t as simple as flat feet though.  Here is when we look to the brain as the cause.  Josh had two major head injuries as a kid, “One required hospitalization and the other should have” according to Josh. 

     One or both of the injuries impacted the right front of Josh’s head and also the brain, per testing we did in this office.  The side effect of right brain injury is vulnerability to the muscles on the opposite side. In this case, his left side which is the side the Achilles tendon and calf muscle tore.

     What’s the solution?  Custom orthotics are a must to protect the feet and above ward.  I love the product we use:  Foot Levelers.  They work!  Please don’t think they are some cushiony insert.  Foot Levelers are custom made for you and are designed to balance the feet and nervous system.

     Secondly, brain injuries resulting from past (recent or a long time ago) require red light laser treatment. Lasers are tremendous in making a brain more resilient.  Red light therapy works!  Both custom orthotics and red light therapy make your body more resilient and energetic.

“Hidden Courage”




“Hidden Courage”

     When the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printed a daily paper, I would find a patient, Carol, sitting in the treatment room, totally lost in the daily death notices.  “I love to read these”, she exclaimed.  I didn’t find this morbid since I liked to do the same thing.

     Lately, there is a phenomenon occurring daily that this student of the death notices has not seen before.  The cause of death “unexpected” is happening at an alarming frequency. “Unexpected”?  As in no one thought they were going to die, including the deceased!

     This struck home this week as a family member died “unexpectedly”.  Well intentioned people pick out reasons for the “unexpected” death, perhaps a way of making the loss both more acceptable yet distant from their own circumstances.

     Was our family member’s death deserved?  It used to be we relied on the attending doctor, a pathologist or coroner to give the final verdict.  Lately the funeral home embalmer seems to be the final voice in the unexpected death.   They are quietly reporting a high frequency of blood clots.  Why?  Who knows and if they do, they are not saying.

     To the relative who died unexpectedly, she was a warrior, a dynamo packed in a petite package.  She was similar to the 1% of patients I see in this practice who have constant pain.  The pain is a side effect of a condition medical researchers became aware of in the past few decades.  Due to genes misbehaving they don’t process vitamin D properly.  This results in loose ligaments causing the joints to break down prematurely.  There is a simple test to determine if you are vulnerable.  The solution is also a simple one.  Unfortunately, simple does not mean easy, but is manageable and can prevent potentially dangerous surgeries.

     This woman who died unexpectedly was similar to the best of our patients.  She was an overcomer.  All progress requires overcoming the obstacles in the way of a healthier future.


“How are your brains doing?”

“How are your brains doing?”

     Brains? If you are thinking you only have one brain, I am going to challenge you to look at your body as having 3 brains. The one between the ears is obviously considered the real brain. Since our thoughts appear to originate in the brain, this covid pandemic has certainly triggered a lot of stressed brains.

     Where do thoughts of love appear to originate, the brain or the heart?  The heart is richly supplied with nerves that flow to and from the brain.  What if heart reactions of love signal the brain instead of vice versa? This pandemic has certainly triggered stress reactions in the heart as many people have lost loved ones to heart attacks or had family members develop inflammation of the heart for unknown reasons.  In many cases these individuals had no record of underlying heart issues.  Just as the brain between the ears processes your life, might the heart be acting like another brain processing your life?

     The third brain is the X factor in so many people adapting to this pandemic.  Your gut is the X factor in keeping your life momentum moving in the right direction. The gut is a factor that rebuilds your immune system and nerve messengers, called neurotransmitters. We are so conditioned to assessing our gut by whether or not we have GI issues such as diarrhea or constipation.  Severe upper GI problems are often accompanied by vomiting. Can you still have gut issues without vomiting, diarrhea or constipation? Definitely and we are seeing problems regularly, whether balance is off, widespread body aches or general weakness. Checking the gut through simple, yet brilliant testing can readily determine the source of your health problems.

     Chiropractic care can be very effective in enhancing gut health.  Women, in particular comment on healthier bowel flow when receiving chiropractic care.  Another device we regularly use is a sound machine called Vibrasonics.   It gently sends sound waves through the body triggering a rejuvenation of the gut and nerves.

     When your gut is off, you are off.  When its power is on properly, your life has a greater chance of being on.

“Patience, Patience, Patience”




“Patience, Patience, Patience”

    In a world that honors doing anything faster, from a McDonalds lunch to the Quick Lube oil change, speed is king.  In sports the saying is “can’t teach speed” and every athlete wants it.  So, I am asking you to slow down and consider “patience is still a virtue.”

    Look at the benefits patience has brought you throughout your life.  What if every person on a first date said “I will give her/him the evening to figure out I am the one or I am moving on”?  There is such a thing as “Love at first sight” but it is rare and mostly seen in TV dramas and Hallmark movies. Patience in developing relationships typically develop the strongest relationships.

    Twice in my chiropractic career I’ve had patients come in on the advice of a neurosurgeon. The surgeon recommended “trying” chiropractic care for a week, “If unsuccessful, return for surgery.”  I’ve prevented countless spinal surgeries, just not in a week.

    Years ago, I observed that the patient person heals twice as fast.  Perhaps “twice” is a slight exaggeration, but the patient person does heal quicker.  When you fill your mind with positive expectations, in this case recovering from a health condition, you put your body at ease so you can more effectively recover.  Quietly, patiently, searching for solutions has the potential to bring about the best solutions. 

    Lastly, we mustn’t confuse patience with inactivity or refusal to address a problem.

    Take on your challenges, health or otherwise, knowing you have the potential within you to find solutions.

“Buried Treasure”

“Buried Treasure”

    Legendary personal development author and speaker, Bob Proctor, told a teaching story months before he died at age 87.  It’s worth sharing.

    Bob delivered the Toronto Star newspaper as a young boy. His brother helped him in this business delivering to over 300 customers on his route.  An old, large house was on his route, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Chapman. Mr. Chapman was an old, frail looking, bent over junk man.  He pushed his junk cart around town gathering discarded junk for resale. His wife, tall, thin and dressed like the wife of a poor junkman, could be seen scurrying through town to her next job as a cleaning lady for homes and businesses.  Neither one presented a pretty picture.

    One day, Bob, was shocked to see the front page of the Toronto Star he was about to deliver announcing Mr. Chapman’s death.  It seems this “junk man” left behind over $100,000 in cash inside his home.  Since this was the 1940’s, the cash would easily be worth over a million dollars today.

    Bob’s point to the story was “money is not meant to be hoarded. It works best when it flows like a river.”  It’s easy to see the truth in Bob’s statement since the Chapman’s could have had a better life if they had spent some of the money.

    The take away for me to this true story is to be aware of what is inside you.  Just as seemingly buried treasure was in Mr. Chapman’s house, it’s human nature to hide away our talents and gifts.  The greatest of these gifts is our body’s incredible capacity to be healthy if we would just get out of the way.   Ease is and always will be the opposite of dis-ease.  Relax occasionally and have faith in your talents.